Dear George is a jewellery design and illustration company based in the North East of Scotland. Inspired by new technology, we love to combine colour with texture in intriguing ways.

Who is George?

George was the late Grandad of Sarah Buchan, founder of Dear George. Though the two never met, she found a way to relate the stories and teachings of Grandad George passed down through her mother. Sarah took to heart his simple philosophy of working hard and discovering new worlds. 

Dear George started as a blogging project to document adventures but later grew into a company that embodies both free spirit and curiosity. Travelling, meeting new people and discovering your own voice enriches lives and this is what Dear George is all about.

We believe everything we own visually tells our story, be it jewellery or home accessories. We will endeavour to create new, beautiful and original pieces to call your own. 

Style & Quality

Dear George was founded on a passion to create beautiful, colourful jewellery that won't break the bank but still show individuality and style. These colourful pieces are created to incorporate a sense of individuality into all outfits.

Our materials

Combining resin and laser cut wood together, two unlikely textures harmonise with one another beautifully. These materials are also super lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Laser cutters are a fantastic tool to manufacture accurate, detailed pieces on a small scale. They are also incredibly fast and fun to use.  Some of our ranges just include laser cut wood and its an affordable way to  build up a collection of unique shapes and colours.

We use a jewellers grade resin that will not yellow over time. It has an incredible glossy shine to it once its cured or hardened. To get the resin to a specific hue, oil paint is carefully mixed until the perfect shade is created. This also means there are endless possibilities in colour schemes.

All our items are sealed with varnish but we advise to keep them away from water, creams and perfumes.

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