Shadow - Honours project, completed!

Phew! Its been a crazy few months but I pleased to say I passed my honours project.. and even got a first! I can't say in words how happy I am, I set out this year to get a first but didn't think I'd actually achieve it! I've even graduated and all.

I never thought I'd get to this stage, I was quite intimidated when first applying for a creative course at a University, was rejected a few times. But I stuck at it, even a few people said I wouldn't get there, but I've worked hard, learned a lot and now ready to face my toughest challenge - starting a career in the creative industry.

I know how competitive this industry is and what it will take to work in it, but I'm ready and willing to learn and grow as an artist.

So my project was something completely new to me, I decided to learn a bit about storytelling and film making while also trying to create a new technique or method in to tell it. It was a very steep learning curve but I produced a short film called "Shadow".

I set out in this project with a particular genre in mind - noir, or more specifically new versions of noir, as it is quite an extreme form of storytelling. My initial idea was to project these in real environments to take advantage of the natural atmostphere and combine this with illustrations in a way. Sort of like a motion comic but with real backgrounds and places.

The projection route was quite difficult to manipulate and instead I substituted some scenes with combining the two elements in after effects.

The result is very experiemental, and really I see it more as a pitch for a bigger project. I would love to see this in a real envronment one day, taking storytelling onto another level and will keep pushing that aspect further. In the mean time, I (very) humbly present my first venture into storytelling and film making. I have a lot to learn (a lot!), and its slightly cheesy (and the timing needs to be twigged again) but none the less, enjoy and please forward me your thoughts and critisisms.

(Also this is poor quality compared to the original!)

To learn more about the processes and development, have a gander at my progress blog which can be found .