Weekly roundup

Thursday 16th Feb

So I found a tutorial on how to make a HUD pattern so I applied it to yesterdays poster and had way too much fun playing about with colour and textures. As you can see!



Wednesday 15th Feb

Today I hit another vector tuts+ tutorial, this time on how to make a futuristic poster vector illustration. I think its something I need to explore further, I had a lot of fun mearging them with textures afterwards (as usual, what is it with me and textures?)



Tuesday 14th Feb

So when tutorials are on about "quick tips" I thought they mean quick and easy to understand, not lets talk really really fast. Urgh. So I tried a tutorial on embossing techniques in Illustrator but I don't want to show the results as its really really shit! Got to get on with Uni work now so can't attempt another one.

Monday 13th Feb

Back with more vector and texture experiments. Did this tutorial by vector tuts+ and like the results.