Hairy lines!

I have always, always, been drawing with hairy lines. I should explain, you know when you sketch, and you make short, flicked lines that spread out? Well thats hairy lines. At college, my life drawing tutor hated this and I see why, it doesn't look as good as a line drawing done with precision. I have been battling against habit for a while now, but it always seems to creep back. I guess its confidence at the end of the day, but also a lot of practice! 

So today I spent most of the day away from the desk and out and about with friends. Its important to do that once and a while to recharge your batteries, but also not important not to over do it. So what does that mean for today? More sketches of head shots, this time of guys. I'm getting more confident about proportions now, next is to turn that them into expressions and full body concepts. 

The main thing about these daily drawings is its forcing me (not that its a chore, I love drawing), its just some times easy to fall out of practice. So even it its just a little drawing, then I know I don't have to back track and learn important things again. Plus it makes me experiment more so thats cool.

So todays drawing:

And also today I went into an old book shop. I love old books. So much! Guess its just the wear and frayed edges, especially the hard backed ones. Anyway I came accross these awesome old illustrations (another love of mine!) and had to get this one. I think I'll start collecting these too.