I got stalked today...

By a very badass group of ducklings. Seriously, they came charging at me when they saw me! Epic. They obviously decided they wanted a Scottish Aunty instead of their mama.

Anyway, I will start at the beginning.  After leaving Moana Lodge on tuesday I drove up to Taupo and stayed the night. The next day on the way to Rotorua, I stopped off at Huka Falls, which was a small waterfall but with raging rapids that could snap bones like twigs! Immense like. 

Then I stopped at Wai-O-Tapu which is a park full of volcanic activity. It was awesome, though smelled like eggs, which later gave me a bugger of a headache. Ach well can't have it all eh!

Whilst in Rotorua, I tried to find a suitable hostel to park my car beside. A few seemed okay, but in the end I went for YHA as it had its own private car park. Apparently Rotorua is really bad for car breakins, not that I leave much to steal in the first place, it's just I don't want to get stuck with a bill when I return the car.

So this morning I took my time getting up, and actually managed to put sugar in my porridge instead of salt, which I did yesterday. It. Was.. HORRIBLE. Not a nice surprise.

Then I filled up the Sunny (Nissan Sunny. It's falling apart, I opened the boot yesterday and something metal fell off. Woops, was I not meant to open the truck? Oh my bad) which only cost $40 (which is £20 pounds! Crazy cheap!).

I stopped at Rainbow springs to see the infamous giant trout, apparently they are the biggest you will ever see and they were! Could gobble a small child if they wanted to. Plus got to see some birds up close like the Kia and the Kaka, and of course the stalking ducklings! They full on charged me when I got in and wouldn't leave me alone for a good 20 minutes! Just adorable.

Then I was a but stuck on what to do next. I was going to stop at Matamata to see Hobbiton but the heavens opened up and it was pouring with rain. So I thought I would go straight to Hamilton, and have a look around first then go back tomorrow.  As I was driving away from Rotorua, about ten minutes in, I was in the Shire already. For the next hour drive there were rolling hills and paddocks. I couldn't believe how much a giant bit of New Zealand was just perfect for the Hobbiton scenes in the LOTR movies. Which is why they picked it I guess! Amazing. 

So here I am. Hamilton is nice, I like it better than Rotorua. I don't know why but I do. I went to the art museum first then the Rotorua museum which had an interesting exhibition on the history of Hamilton. I had a nice wander round the shops and have had lunch in Esquires. Oh and of course stumbled across the Riff Raff statue, from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Interesting day.