Goodbye Plimmerton

So today I woke up sad and happy. Happy to go see more amazing things in New Zealand and sad to leave Moana Lodge and the wonderful people I have met there. I cannot put into words how much I have loved working there, and how much it had become a home to me for the brief time I was there. I just consider myself very lucky to have had this opportunity to work in such a beautiful spot.

After some initial problems with starting the car I was off on the road to Taupo. I passed some beautiful spots and spots with nothing at all in them! It was a good 5 hour drive but I eventually got there and started scouting for a hostel. I got recommended the rainbow lodge and met a fellow Scot on the counter. Fate perhaps? Na everyone was lovely and I have just had a dip in the sauna which was also lovely!

Tomorrow I will head up to Rotorua, vial Huka Falls and other various geothermal magic. I am still debating wither or not to go to White Island and walk on a very active volcano. Sounds awesome, but weather permitting might not be possible... this time anyway!