Fox Glacier baby!

So I have turned up at Fox Glacier. I spent the night last night in Punakaiki to see the Pancake rocks and got the bus through to Fox today and that took about five (ish hours), but it was again a lovely trip!

So yesterday I saw the Pancake rocks which were cool, I didn't see the blowholes in action though as high tide was about 8pm and there are no street lights around! But it was really cool anyway. Some of the weirdest formations I have seen on rocks before.

I stayed down the road right on the beach at Punakaiki Beach hostle, which was nice. As far as a town goes its tiny. There were only a handful of houses and an i-site right across from the rocks. But it was lovely all the same. Halfway to the rocks from the hostle there was a cavern off the road. You go down some steps and you go down in to a little alcove where the tress tower over you. Then some steps take you up to a cave mouth that quickly gets narrow and dark. It gave me chills down my spine just looking at it! I didn't go in in the end, I didn't have a hard hat or torch but if I ever come back, I'm coming back prepared and with company!

So my bus wasn't until noon so I went for a walk down this river path and it was like stepping into a a pre historic time. I kept thinking a t-rex would burst out of the trees any second! The river was a deep turquoise colour and all along the path there was just a wall of bush and foliage. It was so dense that it makes it nearly impossible to walk through. But anyway it was so beautiful that I lost track of time and had to quickly walk back to the hostel and grab my stuff. And with one last look at the pancake rocks I jumped on the bus. 

On the way we stopped in various places including Hokitika to stock up on some food. The driver was again very friendly and quite funny. It made the trip fly past. I am also glad about two things that one: I broke up the trip from Nelson to Fox Glacier and stopped at Punakaiki, otherwise it would have been a 7am to 6pm trip! And two, I am so glad I bought a fluffy leather jacket. It's so warm (and looks awesome) it has kept me warm on the bus trips down here. Although it has been really sunny these last few days (and I am waiting on the storm that is apparently approaching the south island as we speak) I am really glad I forked out a bit more money to get a real leather jacket that will last for ages and keep me warm. Plus looking super badass haha yeah right!

So that takes me up to here, in Fox Glacier, chilling in the lounge next to a roaring fire. Got a couple nights here, and going on a full day walking tour of the glacier tomorrow. I am going to be K to the knackered! But all the same, having a blast being stunned into silence at the shear beauty of this country. Roll on tomorrow! (I will up load pictures tomorrow of the river and fox don't worry!)