Sarah Bucher in Nelson

Yup I got a new name yesterday, but I better start at the beginning. on Tuesday the 26th I hoped on the ferry to Picton at 8am and got there at 11.30am. Jumped on the bus after wandering around in gale force winds and sideways rain annnd.. Waited for about an hour. Yup we stood there for a full hour! But anyway after 1.30pm we headed off to Nelson!

The drive was spectacular. There was no end to the hills, forests and vineyards for the full two hours it took to get to Nelson. But the driver told us about various parts on the way and the bits we were driving through so it was nice to get a vague picture of the area. Then we arrived into Nelson around 4pm.

I found the hostel I was staying which is called the Shortbread Cottage (I'm Scottish so I had to right?) which is a lovely cosy house near the coast. I got there and instantly felt comfortable. Plus it's a small place so there is not a lot of people staying here which means it's quiet and relaxing, with a big tv and roaring fire. Perfect! And a bargain also.

So I wandered round town for a bit, and booked a tour for the next day to Abel Tasman. I was mega excited as I picked one that went to a seal colony as well as past the split apple rock. Again, Perfect.

But alas it didn't turn out quite the way I planned. I got there and the sea conditions made it impossible to go all the way to the seal colony so I was so disappointed! Also, I got half the trip I was meant to have.. but for the same price? Not really that chuffed, plus I was granted a new name - Sarah Bucher... okay. However I saw what they meant about the sea conditions when the boat got out of the bay! It was very rough, but so much fun! 

So we saw the split apple on the way, which was cool. It's 135 million years old apparently!

Then we sailed all the way up to Medlers Bay and back down to Anchorage where I got off. So I had 3 hours or so to explore but firstly I had lunch beside these rocks that had what I thought was seaweed on them, but it turned out to be millions of tiny tiny shells.

Then I walked up this big hill to see the bay from above and the islands round it. Stunning views plus it got warmer!


Look there's me on the hill!

Then I walked DOWN the hill again to the other side to a place called Watering Bay. It was beautiful. I felt like the only person in the world. Was awesome. Plus I saw something quite cool, what does it look like to you guys Come on take a guess!

So after all that I got the boat back and got the bus back to Nelson. I fell asleep again but woke up in time to see the lovely sunset :)

Then today (which is the 28th) I was meant to go to a bone carving class but the guy running it got the flu so that sucked. For him mostly but I'm sure I will find another bone carving glass somewhere else. So instead I got the bus to the World of Wearable Arts exhibition. For those of you who don't know what this is, it is an exhibition slash cat walk fashion show with some of the most creative use of materials ever. It's mega cool. I plan to come back to New Zealand and see a show for myself in Wellington, not this year as I will be gone by then :( But its really awesome here's the website:

It also houses an awesome collection of old cars. From Ford to the Delorean from Back to the Future! Plus the Shagular from Austin Powers but you couldn't sit in it. But I have to confess, I was a bit sad, I timed this shot so I could have a photo in the Delorean because no one was around to do it for me! So it took a while. If there were camera's, I must have looked like a tit! Ah well, the woes of travelling alone.

So that was cool. It was a really weird and creative display anyway. Plus I'm in love with the old beafy chunky geometric designs of some of the old cars. Especially the Chevrolet and Mustangs. Sexy.

After that I wandered around and got the bus back to the city centre. I visited some art galleries and craft studios. I especially loved one which was a glass blowing studio and saw something for my mum (and I also got her some unique stuff from the MASSIVE bead shop but I won't spoil it too much.). Then I had to find something for my dad as well, can't leave him out now can we. So I got him something practical (ie something he will use.. quite a bit!) And something quite funny! So I sent that off today, so hopefully they will get it soon. And I hope I wrapped it well enough! They are both glass eak! 

Also went to the Jans Hansen studio, and this is where the guys made the One Ring for Lord of the Rings. You can purchase replicas, but of course, they were quite expensive! Cool to see though.

So all in all I think Nelson is a lovely little town. Full the to brim of arts and crafts and I wish I had longer, but when I planned this trip I wanted to see EVERYTHING! Plus I will hopefully come back when I have more money. But onwards! Tomorrow I get up at stoopid o'clock to get the bus at 7am to Punakaiki.