Paul Tobin's workshop at the Weta Cave

So today I went along to a demonstration at the Weta Cave ran by Paul Tobin. He was doing a talk on digital painting. Now I have done some paintings in the past that scream amateur hour, but this talk was bursting with tips and techniques that I will be trying out very soon. 

Paul also put together an exhibition called White Cloud Worlds in the Hutt Valley that I went along to. It was really interesting to see the various styles and stories that each artist had come up with. And I also managed to get the book (and it was signed) and it is well worth a look, there are some stunning pieces in it.

So anyway, the talk itself was about digital painting, and he was painting a portrait of a world war one type pilot. In the end, the whole Weta Cave was packed with people, and with people queuing out the door. So I felt that he was a little pushed doing something he would take a few hours to do, and in front of fifty odd people!

And in the end, I put my little hand up and asked "Do you have any advice for someone trying to put together a Concept Design Portfolio" and he gave me some invaluable tips which will help for my last year of study I'm sure. I get the impression that everyone who works at Weta, are just lovely friendly people, who have a passion for sharing their vision ands stories. I'm so glad I went along to this, and thanks Weta Cave for bringing this awesome opportunity to us!

Also when I was walking back to my car a random person that was sitting in the demo as well wished me good luck in my studies. How thoughtful! I love New Zealand!