Zealandia and the big 22

Since I got here in New Zealand, I have not had the chance to see any kiwi's. Them being nocturnal is a big part of it I guess! But anyway, we booked the Zealandia Night Tour for Wednesday the 9th of March.

For those of you who don't know what Zealandia is, it is a huge sanctuary right in the middle of Wellington, and the only urban sanctuary in the world. It's home to many species of birds, bugs and lizards. So we got there about 7.30pm and it was starting to get a bit dark already.

So we made our way into the valley. Early on we saw Tuatara's (lizards that are from the dinosaur era), birds like fantails, takahe (there are only 250 left in the world, so that was pretty special), and best of all, TWO Kiwi's. That was really cool, they were so cute! We had torches that shone red light, instead of white, so we could observe them without them getting startled. Further in we saw a weta (not a giant one unfortunatly!) and glow worms. Then we got to a bridge over the dam and had the most spectacular view of the stars since I arrived here. It was a crystal clear night, hardly any wind or rain so it was a really awesome experience. The staff were really friendly, very informative and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. Only reason I don't have any pictures up is because it was pitch black and we were continually walking so there was hardly a chance.

The next day me and a few other people headed over to Osteria Del Toro in Wellington for an early Birthday meal/ going away party (one person was going to China the next day). What can I say, we had an amazing night. The staff were wonderful, the food exceptional (I had a nice big meaty pizza, it was to die for) and the cocktails fruity and strong. Just the way I like it, as you can see!

Then Friday the 11th, well it's my Birthday! I wasn't really going to make a big fuss about it since I was away from home and stuff, but well everyone else had other ideas! My lovely bosses, Helen and John, and co worker Julia threw me a wonderful birthday lunch, complete with wine and yummy cake.

(Silly hat was compulsory though!)

I was joined by some lovely girls from Germany and had an amazing day. I didn't really want anything this year as well, being in New Zealand was a present enough. I'm just so lucky to have met the people I have and to be in this wonderful situation of loving my job. Life is pretty sweet as right now!