Went to see Rango last night. It was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Why, well for one thing, its not a cutesy cutesy animation cartoon like a lot seem to be these days. It's a gritty, vibrant and funny story with some excellent effects. 

There were a couple of things that caught my eye especially. One was the way the camera was used and moved. For example, there was a part where it was following Rango as he fell out of a car. The flurry of action was paired with some amazing animation effects, that was easy to keep up with even at such a high speed. Things like glass breaking, and water falling through the air were artfully done. Lighting was carefully used as well, taking into account that we are seeing our world through smaller beings eyes. 

The characters were a cast of less than perfect creatures, bent from hard times because of shortages of water and the corrupt society they lived in. They were not the usual hopeful smiley disney-esk type characters, they were gruff, bitter and looked that way too. Clothes worn and repaired, but not washed very often. Even feather and hair was manipulated to imitate out of control beards or hair. Although the characters were mainly animals, like mouses, chickens . Yet they each looked different just like we would, all unique in their own way and not plainly obvious that they were a chicken or a mouse either.

Plus it made great use of the end credits, with a grungy neon western array of typography and illustrations that were a treat to watch. 

It's such a great film. A nice change from the usual animations these days. Don't get me wrong, I like them as well, but this one stands out a head taller than the rest. I hope it is shape of things to come, with a great story and characters leading the way. Just go see it, a lot of people said "they don't watch animations, because they are for kids" and I am sick of hearing it. Many animations these days are leading the way in great story telling, it's not just for kids, it's for anyone who loves a great story. So just go see it already! And embrace others too, to band every animation as childish is stupid and arrogant. Open your mind and watch something different. You will be pleasantly surprised.