Weta Cave and teapot cocktails

I have always admired Weta Workshop. It first caught my attention when I saw Lord of the Rings. It just blew me away. I was obsessed with the LOTR movies, the effects, the creatures but most of all the huge amount of detail. I watched all the extras on the DVD's, watched how they made all the costumes, props, animation and it just struck me. I would die for an opportunity to work with people like these. They are just so committed to their job, their passion to make something outstanding was inspiring. 

And today I finally got to see some movie props! I took the bus up to the Weta Caves in Miramar. It's not particularly big, but it's just stuffed with all these sculptures and props from just some of the movies they worked on. Though there were no avatar items however, because the royalties were so expensive (which I understand, but I mean these people slaved to make these things for the film so I felt that was a weird). They had little cinema to show a dvd documentary of the history of Weta and the people that work there. It was just so inspirational. Of course you couldn't see the workshops but man that would have been so awesome!

Then later on with a couple people I was sharing a room with, we went out to find a pub called Alice. Alice, is a Alice in wonderland themed pub and though it opened a little later than we thought, it was defiantly worth the wait. We had cocktails in teapots and cups, surrounded by a dozen or so mirrors and illustrations on the walls. I very much recommend it to anyone going anywhere near wellington. Seriously, it's worth every penny!