Transformers 3 and Super 8

So two big films are on their way, though this year is going to be host to some epic pictures. Being a huge fan of transformers, I saw the trailer today. No hint of a plot as far as I could see, just flashing images of well earth being somethings bitch. Also Shia LeBeouf looking like a scared baby deer with soot all over him. So whats new? Hope the film is better.

Also if you don't know about super 8 then go back to your cross stitching! J.J Abrams teams up with Steven Spielberg to bring an invasion film on a small town in the sixties. The teaser was brilliant, it got me hooked straight away. Plus with an added viral campaign on the internet made it even more addictive. As with Cloverfield, the viral campaign leads you on with a series of clues and fake websites. Super 8 had an era themed clues in the shape of an old computer program and weird popsicle adverts. Though the latest trailer was quite disappointing also. I mean it looks like one of those ads pieces together by fans on youtube. I expected better. There was again no plot, just flashing images of a small American town being blown up.

Come on, bring on the story guys! Surely this is the most important part?