The importance of water

It's a pretty simple topic, but obviously important for us to survive on! I was in such a rush on Saturday morning that I had no breakfast and no water. AND I didn't realise that my next destination was at the top of a hill. A big hill. Half way there, my vision got blurry and I couldn't hear anything either, was quite scary. So I flagged down a taxi and got him to drive me to the top. Then I collapsed into bed for about 48 hours. It was also the first time since the 13th of January that I got a room to myself so it was a really nice change.

At least today was a downhill, thank god, but I'm still not used to this humidity and obviously all my clothes from Scotland are built for warmth and well.. lets just say its not helping! So I obviously need to go shopping for new clothes right? What better excuse than that!