So I have found a job! YAY! And it's right beside the beach, double YAY! It's so pretty here. Here is a little town called Plimmerton north of Wellington. I'm so glad to have a job, I was getting a bit worried for a while. Plus this job is a bit of a step up from what I normally do, more managers duties so I'm chuffed to have the responsibilities and the opportunity to do them.

As I am working in a hostel, I get to meet people from all round the world doing a lot of different things here in New Zealand. For example, I met one guy from Holland who was walking the whole of New Zealand! He started right at the top, near the bay of plenty and a couple days ago, made it down to here. Incredible. Plus he was only eighteen! He said the mental strain was the most challenging, but what an amazing journey so far.

I love working here, I'm very lucky to get a job here and the opportunity. I've got to start another shift so I will leave with a little picture of Plimmerton! Enjoy.