Good Times

So University is going great. Finally have a solid idea to build apon, after a couple of weeks of just general "ahhsdkfasbgajlvnaj ahhhh AHHHHH ahhh .. oh" Now comes the hard part.

I've been exploring different ways to narrate a story to an audience using new media. What does that mean? Basically I want to take a story and create a new way of telling it. The story I have chosen is a book which is a horror/mystery/supernatural/thriller book which makes an interesting read. One of the things I love about this book is that it blurs reality with myth and legends of the supernatural kind. I thought this could create good opportunities to bring the story to real environments, creeping people out and about so to speak. But more on that later when I have some solid ideas. I'm very exited about it though, and I am looking forward to my exhibition next year. There are some amazing new ideas and talent coming out right now so keep your eyes pealed. The University of Abertay may not have as good a reputation for design compared to other Universities, but to be honest with you, there are some stunning ideas coming out that push the boundaries on media and design. Besides its what you make of your course, not what it makes of you.

So what else is happening.. I've been catching up on friends here in Dundee since I left, its been great. They are still as mad as ever and still bring out a smile no matter what. I appreciate this now more than ever as the pressure with University is building and I find taking a night off once in a while helps dilute the pressure a bit. So I've been having a blast and making some hilarious memories at the same time.

I guess one of those would have to be halloween. So I got a costume and went all out this year, I was a ghostbuster! Twas awesome. On the second night  wearing this costume I was at a friends house party. So when that ended we all said our goodbyes on the street when one of my friends said "hey, isn't that Santa?" And it was! It was probably the only time a ghostbuster, MMA fighter, Men in Black and modern day Jesus is seen hugging Santa. Surreal! On the way home we found Wally too. 

Although I really have nothing at all to complain about, its probably the best year I've ever had to be honest, life is good. I have amazing friends who continue to crack me up and supporting and loving family putting up with me being a stress bunny. However I am starting to miss Kiwiland quite a bit now. I miss the freedom of just waking up and driving someplace new, seeing new things and adventuring. I miss how just generally NICE people were anywhere you go. I miss Plimmerton and Wellington. And I miss the coffee. God what I would give for that perfect cup of Joe right now! Mind you the University s cafe ain't half bad (and cheap :D).

We can't have it all I know, and I don't want to fly away that far again for that long.. not yet. I guess all I'm saying is the time I spent exploring New Zealand gave me a fresh outlook on life and made me love it even more. It made me appreciate every time little thing because I was so far away from nearly everything I loved. I don't get how people can complain about stupid insignificant little things, I don't get how we can't open our eyes to the bigger picture going on outside our tiny island. I can't stand how ignorant some people are about silly stupid things. Its a small annoyance granted but still, Britain in general needs to man up.

One thing that annoyed the F*** out of me this week was that in the paper, there was a two page spread on the break of of Kim Kashardan or whatever her name is and the bloke she married for 72 days. Who gives a flying F***. Or that guy on X Factor, its everywhere! Hes not even that good looking (and cant sing either) to be a "rock" star let alone have the lifestyle. When did we get our priories so screwed up. The people we should be interested in are people struggling to find cures for horrible diseases or people doing remarkable things to help others. It makes me so unbelievably mad that something like that gets priority in our newspaper than say the hundreds of people risking their lives in how many wars overseas? It really says something about our culture doesn't it.

Apart from that tiny spec of irritant, life is pretty damn awesome. Everything is going so well and hopefully it will stay that way (at least till I graduate please!). Its been an amazing year anyway, I only hope in the next that I graduate, find a decent job or at least a start in the industry and see more of the world.