At stupid o'clock I will be on my way to the hairyport to Auckland. Via London and Hong Kong of course. Can't believe how time flies, as it was about six or seven months ago I started planning this. So why the sudden dash to another country? Well I still can't just pick one reason. One reason was that my little bubble in Dundonian was getting far too comfortable. So easy in fact that I could (and probably would have) coasted through life for years doing very little. Let's face it it would have been so easy to just fit into a routine day in and day out but thats not what I wanted my life to be about. I wanted to go out there and see a bit of the world.

Another reason was that a few things happened in a short space of time that made me rethink the path I was going down and weather it was really the one I wanted to be on. The simple answer was no, I was going down a route that I thought everyone (society more like) wanted me to go down. Go to University, get a job, make some money and get a house and settle down. But I had always wanted to go see the world first, and right now was a perfect time to do it, when there was nothing to hold me back.

It's not like I have turned my back on everything, it's more like just a need to experience something different, so fit in somewhere that is completely alien to me, and see how it goes. I might go tits up, but at least I know I will have tried right?