Rainy Auckland

I'm back in Auckland. I left Waiheke at about 11ish, got the ferry back over to the city. The weather was terrible today, so the ferry ride was... entertaining! Very bumpy. So I'm staying in another hostel now called Frendz, this time in a 12 room dorm. Everyone's really nice, I was talking to a girl from Sweden and stuff, but getting a bit tired of the noise and business of a hostel. Hopefully I'll be more settled in Wellington or something, been thinking for a while about going down there instead of staying here. If I like it, I would like to find a flat asap, just so I can get a routine going, and not be paranoid about my stuff going missing. Man I have heard so many stories about stuff being stolen in hostels, like a pillow case! One guy I met said someone nicked his, I mean why go to the trouble dude?

I have decided to go for the Stray bus tour, I'm going in tomorrow to book it and ask some more questions. I am really worried about finding a job, but I always am I guess round about now. I just don't want to see my money go down the drain and be royally stuck.

I forgot to mention yesterday, remember the dog that sat on me during the beachbum bus tour? Well apparently he was in LOTR. He was the dog that cowers away from one of the night riders as they rode into Hobbiton. Thats my claim to fame now har har!

I am so tired so this post is a bit boring! See you after the beep.