Today I just slept in, did nothing. Well I organised my suitcase a bit. Exciting huh? Nah a low key day was what was needed, I think I'm still jet lagged.

In the afternoon a bunch of us headed back to that little cinema I was on about in the last post. We went to see a kiwi film called Matariki. Its been compared to crash, but I thought it was much much better. Little things really made me feel for the characters, like the wife whose husband had been fatally beaten up, a close up of her hand holding his and the close up of their wedding bands spoke more than words. It's a dad film but a compelling one. Well worth a look guys. Also here is a peak at what the theatre looks like, pretty cool eh!

Just waiting for the bus back now, having a drink in the Skinny Sardine to shelter from the rain. Missing home now! Several buses on the way back to the hostel didn't show up, so we were stranded in Oneroa for a good two hours. One eventually turned up, but it was raining like mad. So not a good end to the day.