Day two in the Hong Kong house.

So day two, I wanted to get up early to enjoy the toon a bit more, so washed, dressed and ate by 10. Started by walking down Nathan Street to the Hong Kong Park. Though on the way down I noticed it is such a clean city. I could not for the life of me see gum, cigarette buds or graffiti ANYWHERE in the last two days. I got the impression that it's citizens respect it too much for that. Also there were flowers on pavement barriers in some places, which I can never see happening back home as it would just get trashed. It was lovely though.

So we wandered round the park, it was surreal being in the middle of the park though sometimes the trees were so close together you couldn't see the sky scrapers. It was really peaceful and quite in some places though.

Though one bad thing happened, a guy pulled me aside to read my fortune, however he said exactly the same to someone else I out with last night! He started reading my palm and wouldn't let go. Then at the end he demanded money. I couldn't believe it! For less than three minutes he wanted 10 pounds! Think he wanted to pay for my good fortune, well he can suck it because I've been pretty fortunate so far I'd say.

(I am writing this from the 18th of January as I have not had internet, but I though I'd finish this bare post first!)We did a number of other things, like visit Victoria Peak, which had amazing views all over Hong Kong. Stunning.