It's going to be a long day.

So after getting up at 3am to make my way down to Edinburgh, I looked out the window to find... Snow. Again. An inch had fallen since I passed out at midnight and it was falling thick and fast.

But I wasn't really worried about that as I wasn't the one driving. Poor dad. It was such an emotional morning saying "see you later" (I refuse to say goodbye, as it's not goodbye) to mum and the cats. I was balling my eyes out! I still have this cold so being ill, plus packing, plus crying didn't help convince me I was making the right decision, I would much rather crawl into bed and have a looooong sleep. But never the less I forced myself into the car and we drove in the snow for a few hours.

Finally making it to Edinburgh airport at 5.30am, I did another cya later to dad which resulted in even more tears, but dad being himself just waved and pealed me off him, haha. He was late for his flight, but still!

So I had breakfast at costa, tried to open a boingo account but they bloody don't take debit cards! So my flight isn't until four ish, and no wi fi on laptop! It's gona be a long eight hours.

Oh and I got the wrong money for hong kong >.<. Great start!


Plus if the dude on the computer next to me won't stop punching the keyboard and slamming the mouse, I will punch him in the eye. I'm not a morning person.