Jewellery, Weekly Projects


When creating my jewellery work I’ve managed to create two different looks for all my necklaces. I do this by sanding down the back and covering it with a layer of clear resin.

However now I’m finding that the back may look better without this clear layer of resin. I’m so indecisive these days!

My main concern with covering the back with resin is that it makes the wood look a bit cheap, it seems to soak into the grain and make it look quite plasticy (funny how its actually covered with it!).

So I think I’ll try this way for now. I’ve managed to almost perfect my method when creating these so that there is minimal spillage these days so maybe its time to go down a different route for a while.

More exciting news is afoot this week, a new opportunity has popped up! If it goes ahead I’ll be so chuffed, this year I’ve had the best luck in terms of promotion for my jewellery work and I hope this continues. I better keep creating new pieces huh!