New Craft fair displays and loads of new colours

lot is happening in Casa George these days, I’m gearing up for Christmas! Is it really that time again, yup and I’m determined to be as prepared as possible.

When it comes to presenting my work, I always want to show off as much as possible, but it doesn’t always look the best. Sure I’ve got a ton of options but it makes people feel they can’t see the forest for the trees.

Since I’m a self taught jewellery designer, I’ve had to learn a lot on my own. I do a lot of research into how other artists present their work and try to come up with a solution. Last year I came up with little card packets to neatly store jewellery when travelling between events and it works really well, its also the way I post most of my items as it keeps posting costs down to a minimum.

However this year I have more colours than ever, and just as I was making these I had another brain storm, but more on this later. I just so happened to have a couple IKEA boxed frames to spare so I thought about using this to display items. I got some mounting board and cut a few holes in it and voila!  It even looks nice hanging on a wall.

Ombre range

This was a total last minute experiment, as I was mocking up more colours for the starburst range, it dawned on me. Why stick to one colour! So the Ombre range was born. I’ve done this by blending two colours together. I think it looks amazing!