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Lino printing at home

I'm one of those people who likes to do things myself. By that I mean, creating things at home using my own two hands. Although a studio is a great place to work with printing, I like eliminate the need to go anywhere else.

See, I've never liked Lino printing, maybe because when I learned how to do it at college it was always to create something I didn't personally like. Then I saw a few prints on Pinterest and I saw the potential of this method.

Though try as I did, I couldn't get a nice crisp, clean print at home. I used a rolling pin, put books on it and then stood on it - but nope.

So I left it alone for a while, we were moving and the thought of making a mess again wasn't appealing so it was a while until I started again.

After a little bit of research and buying a burnisher - magic happened! A nice clean print. I'm so chuffed with how these turned out. I think with lino prints you get this lovely grainy marks. its got this handmade look to it that I just love.


Hopefully they will sell in my shops!