Summary of 2015

As its getting closer to the end of the year, things are winding down both at work and with my personal work. Its been a very eventful year for sure! I'm now happy to say that this year has been the best year for Dear George yet.

Summary of 2015

  • I've been featured in two magazines this year - Jewellery Making and The Skinny.
  • Inteviewed with Folksy which boosted traffic to my shops and wesbite.
  • I've supplied work to shops in Glasgow and Grassington which has been a wonderful experience.
  • I've met a lot of wonderful, passionate people as well both in and out of craft fairs.
  • We've bought our first flat, finally!
  • My chronic Migraines have dissipated, and I hope it stays that way.

All the hard work I've been putting in, the long hours has paid off.  I'm now quite satisfied with whats been produced this year and hopefully it'll serve as a good foundation to build on for the years to come.

What else do I have in store for 2016?

  • I've had a couple ideas for possible graphic novels that I want to explore - two very different ideas. I want to improve my illustration skills to create and print a final product like a comic or small book for my portfolio, so it'll be interesting to see how it turns out.
  • I plan on adding metal work to my wood and resin jewellery pieces, hopefully some rings! (I looove rings!
  • Speaking of metal work, I'm hoping to create my very ownmask from the game Dishonored. (I looooove Dishonored, I can't wait for 2 to come out). I've started planning this already, so watch this space.
  • In the next year I'm hoping to get professional photographs of my jewellery range on models so that people can get a sense of the size of the pieces.

I'm also getting quite sentimental these days as I've realised just how lucky I am to be surrounded by wonderful friends and family. Not only that but all the people who I've met who have supported my company in any way shape or form. Its a privilege to be able to do what I love and get great feedback and even some extra pennies!

On that note I'll see you all in 2016! I hope you all have a fun and prosperous new year ahead of you all.