Horn Project, Illustration, Digital Painting

Digital Painting experiment - Markhor 30 minutes

Tonight, I broke out my old trusty Bamboo tablet and decided to have a go at digital painting for a change of pace. Now, I've experimented with it before, I was never good at it so I guess I gave up. However, now I'm thinking I quit too soon. 

Using the Markhor pen illustration as an example, I churned out this in half an hour. I spent a good while just picking out the colours really, but I remember Paul Tobin's advice when I was in Wellington back in 2011. He said his process was to first paint was to paint it all in greyscale first. I think I'll give that a go next time, its an okay start for now. I'm mainly trying to get the feel of how to using it again!



I tried a few different techniques, there is a textured brush hidden in there somewhere! I thought it would be good for the horns especially. I have quite a limited range of brush movements as I've got quite an old tablet, but its a start, and I'll keep having a go at it anyway!