Since May of last year I've had headaches and migraines almost everyday. Its impact on my life is getting to be such a nuisance. I've taken more sick days off work last year than I ever have because of it and I'm finding more and more its difficult to explain to people exactly how painful it is.

I am a person who does shrug things off mostly and get on with it but this has been worrying me and is coming between normal daily life. Plus when you say you have a headache, the most common response is to take pain killers and get on with it. However its growing into something much more than that, as with some mornings I've been lying in bed, pressing my hands into my eyes to stop any form of light coming through. I couldn't even sleep it would keep me awake.

Although I'm on medication which has taken so much of the pain away for the last couple weeks, some episodes make me wonder had it ever went away and if it was still there lurking in the background. I feel as though people see me as crying wolf but I've tried to solder on as much as I can but its still there and very painful.

When I first went to the doctors, they suggested I take paracetamol and ibuprofen every four hours till it goes away. I did so for two weeks until my stomach was so raw I couldn't eat anything. I was fed up, so I went to A and E, who said it was tension headaches and to stop using painkillers as this could make it worse (a bit contradictive but okay..). I eventually got a preventive medication for them, which made me feel human once again for a couple weeks, but as today shows, its still there in the background. 

I sincerely hope one day this all ends, I'm tired of shelfing my life when one occurs. Various tests have shown nothing out of the ordinary, though after a lumbar puncture I felt mild better than I have in months. I'm hoping this has taken the blunt away, after a fee days a headache starte up again so we shall see.