DCA craft faire - 19 July 2014

On Saturday I was lucky to be a part of the fabulous DCA summer craft faire. Unfortunately no one told the weather it was meant to be sunny!

Thundery storms were present but it didn't stop a good few people shopping by! It was a steady day and I learned a lot about what I should so next time to present my work a bit better. 

Below I used a cute vintage inspired serving tray to display the smaller items. I think using the chopping board to display some pieces was a bit messy in the end. Not sure. 

I got some lovely prints done as well which was a nice change, I think I'll try and make more for Christmas. 

Also I think I'll invest in a professional sign for the table.  

I used a long basket to display the more smaller items, though I don't think people were keen to rummage in it too long. I actually like how placing the display cards on the table themselves looked (in front of the tray).

The chopping board on the right was a nightmare to keep tidy, not going to have that next time! 

It was a nice day overall, lovely people and nice atmosphere. I make some brand spanking new designs which will shortly be making it's way to here, etsy and folksy, so watch this space!