Car break in


The last few days have been a blur. On Sunday night / Monday morning my car was broken into. The passenger side door was bent to unlock the door then whoever it was ripped out the ignition, but the damage was much more than that.


I have been trying to come up with a reason why someone would do this.
My car is over 20 years old and has a fair amount of problems. The heating doesn’t work, the back wheels seize all the time, the clutch squeaks. Bottom line it’s not valuable to anyone else but me and I loved that car.

I got really angry when I first discovered it on Monday night. Walking towards it I thought I had left the door open but unfortunately the top of the door was bent significantly. I phoned the police, and the officer who took down the details was lovely, she calmed me down quite a bit I couldn’t stop shaking for a good few hours.

The fact that someone had broken into my car not more than 15 meters away from my bedroom window was a troubling thought. That night I couldn’t sleep properly and last night wasn’t any better. I’m thankful Steve rushed over when he did; I was finding it difficult to relax. I know its an object, and I know that it can be replaced, but I just was so angry at whoever had the nerve to do this and did it so close to my home.

The police came round Tuesday night to take fingerprints. The officer explained that she hasn’t seen a break in like this in years. Plus the thief made a complete mess of it; they managed to break the entire ignition off, snapping a metal beam in the process. The amount of force they must have used was a lot. Also they managed to misalign the steering wheel in the effort it took to get the ignition off. It’s a total write off now. Honestly, trust me to get the worst criminal in all of Aberdeen!

Its in situations like these you really appreciate people being there for you and I’ve been especially lucky. You never think this will happen to you, I certainly didn’t with a car that was 21 years old. I really hope they catch whoever did this, but it seems there is nothing to go on other than one fingerprint. I hate that people can get away with this and wish there was a way to find out. Or at least know he/she will get what’s coming to them, the piece of shit that they clearly are.