2014 Year Summary

Here we are at the end of another year and boy, was it busy! I really set out to work harder this year and I think I've achieved that goal both in a professional and personal sense.

It was this year I really buckled down and thought I've got to have a proper go at selling jewellery online and improve my product shots. Though I've not sold as much as I would have liked, I think I've set a good foundation to start with next year. My last craft fair of the year is this Saturday and I hope it goes well.

Also, I've begun to learn more 3D modelling, the last time I did this would be in my third year of university. It's tough but I'm sure I can improve. I'm more sure of what I can do now, my new mantra is, if you want to do it, you can learn. This is because I've proved to myself that with enough hard work and effort, I can slowly build up a knowledge of something I didn't before. It might take a while but I do get there in the end.

There have also been setbacks, one of which being I've developed chronic migraines. These started in May and seemed to dominate my life since. They are often unpredictable and painful. It's hindered some of my work which I'm not too happy about and dealing with them has been a long journey. I've still haven't got these under control but I hope something sticks in the coming months. It's taken a lot of energy which I could be using to do something else, but it's also made me think I'm maybe pushing things a bit too much and I need to slow things down. Fingers crossed it gets sorted next year! 

We sadly had to say goodbye to one of our beloved pets, Eddie. He was quite the character and in his short six years he coloured our lives with love and laugher. He had a heart murmur all his life and we suspect this is what shortened his life so unexpectedly. My parents house was very quiet this Christmas.

Plans are for next year are: 

  1. Create an animated short film  
  2. Continue with jewellery making, creating 3D pieces as well
  3. Write and Illustrate a short graphic novel about Brollachans
  4. Continue exercising and building up my jogging endurance
  5. Two weddings to go to, one in Cyprus!
  6. Going to see foo fighters in Edinburgh

So busy busy! I like keeping busy though as I like pushing myself, its one of the ways that keeps life interesting and fulfilling.

Here is to a productive, fun and fulfilling year in 2015!