Geometric, Time Lapse, Resin art

Granite City Time Lapse

Here is another time-lapse this time using the dreamy colours of pastel purple, lilac and blue with silver highlights.  

I used a gizmo called a Trigger Trap to connect the camera to my phone, and using their app to determine the intervals. Its extremely user friendly and a fantastic alternative to an intervalometer which was a  bit out my price range at the time. Also the app includes a sunrise and sunset setting, which tells you when these times occur in your location. I can't wait to try that one out! 

Check them out here

Starry night timelapse

I recently completed a new project on a big scale, this wall plaque measures 20cm in diameter. I thought it would be cool to show a time lapse to demonstrate how much a design can change before it sets. Its so relaxing, enjoy!

Geometric, Jewellery

Rings - Coming soon!

I'm so excited! I learned how to create some simple rings whilst attending my short course at RGU. I love rings! So I've got some first drafts of them here.

I will be combining them with marbled resin on top of wooden circles and setting them into a cobochon setting.

A magenta and yellow ring with matching necklace and earrings.  

A magenta and yellow ring with matching necklace and earrings.  

I really like the look of the brass after its been polished up but I'm also hoping to make some silver rings in the future.
I hope to be able to put a few up on my website in the next couple months when I get all the tools I need.

Some rough designs incorporating the colourful cabochons. 

Some rough designs incorporating the colourful cabochons. 

New Photographs

So its the start of the new year and I thought I'd try and learn a few new things this month. I'm trying to balance the boring (finances, boo!) with the fun and now its time for the fun!

I took a taster course on creating beautiful images by the Makelight founder Emily. She creates wonderful images for instagram and in her taster course it teaches you all about creating a visual story.

So here is what I have so far! I love it, I'm really excited to see where this can go and how I can visually show people my inspiration and how I create my work.

Learning something new

Last year I signed up to do an evening course on making jewellery with metal. I was looking forward to it all year and when it started it was so much fun!

I love learning something new and have always wanted to create metal jewellery as well, I even applied to university to do it however I didn't get in so I went on to do Visual Communication instead.

So far I've learned so much, I've even learned techniques to improve my work that I have already. One of those was using riveting to fix two pieces of wood together. My Skye earrings feature two colours of wood, one inside the other.


Originally I secured them together with some canvas material glued on the back but this doesn't look too professional as you can see below:



But now they are secured together and I think it brings a little pretty detail to the piece.



I've also designed some stud earrings in copper I hope to transfer to silver later on. I really enjoy saw piercing, its a nice relaxing technique.


Lastly I've made attempts at making a bezel ring (haha its a bit burnt right now but hopefully I can clean it in the next class).

I'm hoping I can develop and practice this a bit better and create some cute stacking rings set with little wooden circles with colourful resin.